How to Upgrade CPU in Your Laptop With Easy Tricks

cpu upgrade in laptop

I’m going to walk you through how to upgrade a processor in a windows-based laptop this laptop you see here is an HP and it came with a first generation Core i3 380M processor – the one I’ll be replacing it with the one I have here which is a core i5 560M that I found on eBay for fifteen dollars shipped which was too cheap. To pass up the tools you’re going to need are a few screwdrivers you’ll need a little bit of thermal paste for when you actually change the CPU and you’ll also need some acetone or cleaning off the existing thermal paste.

The first thing we’re gonna do to get started is power down the laptop and flip it over, so we can start disassembly.The first thing to do is to take out the battery just move that little lever over take the battery out set that aside. The next thing to do is to get your Phillips head screwdriver out and start taking out a lot of or most all these screws here you want to take off are the ones that hold this back panel on. You can go ahead and set that aside. Now you’ll see the inside you’ve got your solid-state disk your hard drive this is the RAM right here this is the Wi-Fi card right there what you also see is a few more screws that revealed themselves there’s three along the battery tray here and there’s a maybe about four more in different spots around the inside let me go through undo all the ones on the outside these couple on the inside and the ones on the battery tray and then we can start to really pry or Park.

Okay so now back over open it up okay the next step is to pull the keyboard out which unfortunately involves some just good old-fashioned prying which is not too great for the cosmetics of the best convertible laptop 2020 but hopefully at this point is old enough to where you can live with it you want to get some flat-head screwdrivers and begin to pry on the edges until you can get one or two underneath and then you can just pull the rest of it up pretty easily with snaps once you’ve got it at this point where it’s a little bit loose you’ll need to gently move it over so you can see the ribbon cable underneath and you’ll see there’s a little black tab here that you can flip up to release the ribbon cable from the motherboard so that it pulls away take your keyboard aside. Then we can keep moving taking the keyboard out reveals one additional screw the needs to come out in order to take the rest of the laptop part which is right here once this guy’s pulled out and set aside with the others there are a few ribbon cables that need to be undone next thing you need to do is pull this face-plate off and now you need to make sure that all your screws have come out first but once you do that guy just pops right off and he can be set aside. So now we’re down to the motherboard there’s a few more things that need to be undone before we can take that out to get to the processor. One more screw up here in the front which needs to come out and the rest are a few more ribbon cables and connections there’s one up in the front here for some LEDs on the side of the laptop/ Then there’s a little plug for the speaker wire right here this is a little connector that runs a little wire over to where your obstacle this plugs in this right here.

To be continued…

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